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The PACE Youth Leadership Committee (YLC) unites passionate high school students to support PACE’s mission and build awareness for Autism. The group is managed by the members and facilitated by a member of the PACE staff.

Saturday, March 24, 2012 we had our 3rd annual Breaking the Silence Mixer at San Jose City College! We first both joined PACE’s Breaking the Silence mixer effort because of how passionate we were about the cause. We felt we were truly capable on maximizing the full potential of this project and taking on this challenging learning experience that the YLC offered.

This entire project was truly a testament to PACE’s mission in giving individuals with Autism the opportunities to pursue their passions by raising awareness and bringing in donations. We were able to tie in the youth of the community, raise social awareness, and reach our profit goal. There were many ups’-and-down’s to this project, and incidents that made us truly step out of comfort zones, from contacting sponsors, to taking on leadership roles, and making important decisions. Although we both knew the commitment that a manager position for the Breaking the Silence mixer would entail from the start, we did not foresee some of the difficulties that come with event planning of such a large scale, such as contacting companies, marketing strategies, and providing innovative solutions to problems from past years.

Although the day started off a little shaky and uncertain with some problems with set-up that we didn’t anticipate, everything seemed to work itself out at the end. We are so pleased with the final results, from the fantastic lighting, to the drinks Whole Foods donated, and finally, our flawless execution of the coat check system this year. Many excited high schoolers from all over the Bay Area enjoyed themselves through the night, dancing to music provided by our wonderful WiLD 94.9 DJ. Overall, we earned a net profit of over $6000 thanks to all the supportive attendees and volunteers that helped make the Breaking the Silence Mixer yet another success.

None of this would have been possible without the joint effort of our YLC community and many others that helped us along this journey:

We’d like to give SHOUT OUTS and a huge THANK YOU to:

  • WHOLE FOODS for donating such a huge amount of water bottles
  • WiLD 94.9 for entertaining us all with a whole night of great music
  • Top Shelf Lighting for providing us with awesome lighting
  • ALL the attendees for purchasing tickets and supporting PACE
  • ALL the volunteers (YLC, PACE, adult, etc.) who helped make the mixer a wonderful success

- Janice Lin and Amna Khan


Breaking the Silence 2012 Mixer Flyer!


Thanks for an awesome night :)


Arabic proverb. #quotes #beauty #silence #inspirational #speak (Taken with instagram)

I applied to be a part of Pacific Autism Center for Education’s Youth Leadership Committee for the 2011-2012 school year to join my peers in an effort to raise funds and awareness. After entering my first YLC meeting, I realized that I had joined a group of hilarious, intelligent, and motivated high school students who really cared about PACE. I stepped up to the plate and ran for Research Chair, a position that enables me to ramble about articles as my fellow members try to understand my incoherent thinking.

     Immediately, under the leadership of Bridget, Hannah, Jackie, and Ji, we were able to delegate tasks and work under or subcommittees. Whether Emily is spearheading the yearbook, Amna and Janice are preparing for the mixer, or Hannah is directing  Operation Enable meetings, each member contributes through participation in their subcommittees. Over the first half of the year, we’ve planned and planned and cannot wait to see the results!

    To take a break from our monthly Monday meetings, we decided to meet in a fancier setting: the 10th Annual Gala (pronounced either gaaaala, gaila, or galá) and Auction “Imagine.” Whether we were being classy coat checkers or bedazzling bouncers, YLC infiltrated the gala with our marketing ability, people skills, and most importantly, vocal ability. When we weren’t singing along to Britney Spears, we were selling raffle tickets, chatting up PACE parents and donors, and helping with tasks. By the end of the night, I had learned more about PACE’s vision, marveled at the classy people, and grown closer (through song) to some of the coolest people in the world.

    I am so happy to be a part of PACE’s YLC this year because of the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the organization we’re helping.